nanaban CONCEPT

The idea was to take an ordinary Japanese snack of Chinese origin, namely the “Râmen” and to prepare its elaborate traditional broth with high quality ingredients. Pork products that we use are of Organic Standard but without the costly “Bio” label. The noodles and the sauces that we serve are of genuine Sapporo origin (see links in Home page).

The idea sounds good but in reality it is not an easy thing to do because sales prices are market driven and purchase prices of quality ingredients are often several times that of ordinary raw material.

To be able to offer uncompromising quality at going market prices, we had to compromise in other areas as follows:

(1)The cost of rent had to be less than in London, Paris, Düsseldorf or Brussels.
(2)Service hours had to be short to save costs in human resources.
(3)Service quality had to be minimal adopting over-the-counter snack-style.
(4)Floor space was deliberately limited to 20 seats to save costs in human resources.
(5)Turnaround therefore becomes crucial to sell volume in a short period of time.
(6)Choice of Menu is limited. No tea and coffee let alone deserts and appetisers. .
(7)Sales were focused on business people working in the vicinity of the Brussels Airport.

We thank our clients for understanding our concept particularly as to our need for a quick turn around in available stools especially during our lunch services.